Dating Dealbreaker: Super-Skinny Jeans

Dating Dealbreaker: Super-Skinny Jeans
Frankie Cocozza, Andrew Garfield, Justin Gaston (FameFlynet, Pacific Coast News)

Skinny jeans are a privilege, not a right. And boys, while we fully endorse ditching those baggy, saggy jeans, there is a fine line between a streamlined silhouette and uncomfortably tight.

So, how can you tell if your skinny jeans are verging into the unacceptable territory? Let's take a look at some celebrity gents for guidance.

Not only do X-Factor contestant Frankie Cocozza's painfully fitted jeans display the full contents of his pockets, it's miraculous he was even able to get them on in the first place.

As for Andrew Garfield, as much as we adore his sharp preppy style, his skinny jeans are making him look a little bit TOO skinny. Emma Stone, get the boy a burger, stat!

Oh, and if your skinny jeans lace up at the front like Miley Cyrus' ex Justin Gaston's do? Let's not even go there.

Would you date a man who wore tighter jeans than you? Sound off in the comments and cast your vote!

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