Dating Dealbreaker: Ponytails

Dating Dealbreaker: Ponytails
(Bauer Griffin)

Not all styles are unisex. In fact, we'd argue that most simply are not. One that falls into the "absolutely not" category is The Ponytail.

That's right fellas, just because we ladies look fantastic with a swingy ponytail blowing in the breeze doesn't mean you get to have a shot at the look, too.

Here are just a few reasons (and trust us, there are many) why ponytails simply do not work for guys.

1. They're often an excuse for a man to wear his hair extra greasy and unkempt (See Matthew McConaughey).

2. There are few things that look goofier than a dude with a half-up 'do... especially when coupled with a visor. Sorry Bradley Cooper, but even you can't salvage this look.

3. You might make the ladies jealous if your ponytail looks TOO good. If it weren't for those sideburns, we'd seriously covet Chris Hemsworth's volumous highlighted pony.

4. Let's take a look back at what happened when the studliest of all studs, aka David Beckham, tried out the look.

David+Beckham in Backstage at the MTV Video Awards
(Bauer Griffin)Yeah... exactly.

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