Dating Dealbreaker: The Beard

Dating Dealbreaker: The Beard
Jared Leto (Pacific Coast News)

Dating Dealbreaker: The Beard
Jared Leto, is that you? (FameFlynet Pictures)
Every now and then there comes a guy who, despite being extremely handsome, doesn't seem to be able to embrace his natural good looks. Jared Leto is definitely high on that list.

And while memories of a facial fur free Leto will forever make us swoon (Hello, Jordan Catalano), what he currently has sprouting from his face is completely unacceptable.

Not only does his overabundance of facial hair lay waste to his gorgeous bone structure, it also looks like it hide an entire sandwich in its depths. Besides, can anyone imagine what it would be like to lean in for a kiss and be greeted with that thing (Care to answer that question Scarlett Johansson?).

And while we've expressed our strong feelings against facial hair both here and here, this is arguably the worst thing to happen to the faces of mankind since Ryan from The Bachelorette shocked us with this, er, look.

Is a scruffy beard a dealbreaker for you? Cast your vote and let us know what you think in the comments below! 

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