Dita Von Teese Reveals Her Secrets to Porcelain Skin

Dita Von Teese Reveals Her Secrets to Porcelain Skin
Dita Von Teese (Getty)
Dita Von Teese Reveals Her Secrets to Porcelain Skin Dita Von Teese
With skin fair enough to rival that of Snow White, Dita Von Teese is the unofficial spokeswoman for SPF. Defying the fake and bake trend, Dita not only embraces her porcelain complexion, she protects it with a dilligent skincare routine.

We just had to know Dita gets her flawless glow and fortunately she was more than happy to dish. The best part? It seems you don't need to spend a ton of money or go under the needle to look Dita-fab! She says,

I usually buy my suncare SPF products in Japan because they make really silky sunscreens. I like the Dior Snow UV protect makeup base the best. It's silky and light and has ultra-high sun protection. I use a lot of Dior and Darphin products, but ultimately, money is best spent seeing a good dermatologist. Mine isn't a Hollywood bigshot botox-doctor, he's a real doctor who helps me with skincare problems and concerns, and isn't trying to sell me on lasers and expensive stuff. He also tells me to use whatever moisturizer I like the texture and scent of, so that's what I do. I love La Mer. I like the texture, the scent...is a miracle cream? Probably not. But it sure smells and feels nice. But there are lots of fabulous creams and products in the drugstore that I also use.

Although she admits to relying on body makeup for her shows, the rest of her routine simply amounts to protecting her skin from harsh UV rays. She says,

I diligently use sunscreen, wear big vintage straw hats and carry parasols. Glamour and function! I did get caught in the sun earlier this year and got a pretty bad burn, I had to go to the dermatologist, and he gave me a real stern talking to! I actually have nightmares about getting a tan. I'm not kidding.
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