A Peek Inside My Ideal Summer Beauty Bag

By Caitlin Miller on
(Caitlin Miller/StyleBistro) Why yes, my summer bag is always packed full of my favorite beauty finds. Obviously.When I was a wee child back in Missouri, summertime used to mean no school, long pool days, sun tans, and dollar sno-cones from the ice cream man. As an adult in New York City, summertime now means normal work days, a fear of bikinis, unbearable humidity, and four dollar cones from the Mister Softee truck. Although summer may have changed for me, it's still a fantastic season...Read Full Story

The Strange Product I SWEAR By in the Summer, Plus Other Beauty Must-Haves

By Lindsay Schallon on
(Photos by Lindsay Schallon/StyleBistro) Lately, I can't get enough of white nail polish, like Avon's Longwear Pro+ in French Tip White.If for you, summer = sweat, then hoo boy, do I have a slew of beauty suggestions for you. Because, yeah, I (unfortunately) know that territory pretty well. Don't worry, if you're one of those lucky sweat-less, frizz-less, acne-less—did I mention lucky—mythical creatures, er, people, I've tested plenty of weather-proof products you'll obsess over, too!Here are...Read Full Story

I Just Want to Be Pink and Glowy and Coconut-Scented All Summer, Basically

By Caitlin Petreycik on
(Caitlin Petreycik/StyleBistro) Some people really thrive in the summertime, beauty-wise. You've probably seen them — those bronzed creatures whose skin only glistens from the heat, never sweats. The humidity only serves to volumize their hair, in an appealing, beachy way, rather than make it tangle and stick to their necks. And they probably just dab a little highlighter on their already sun-kissed cheekbones, swipe on some fancy tinted lip balm, and look amazing. I am not one of those...Read Full Story

My Summer Beauty Essentials

By Tanya Leigh Ta on
For me, summer is all about natural beauty—minimizing what I put on my skin, ditching the dark eyeliner, and glowing without looking greasy.Let's start with hair, shall we? I have long dark blonde extremely fine hair, which means washing it every day risks drying out the ends while not washing it every day risks oily roots, especially with the rising temps. For this, I rely on Batiste's dry shampoo with a hint of color. It works magically to clean and volumize while making my color extra...Read Full Story

4 Great Products I've Added to My Beauty Arsenal This Summer

By Danica Lo on
(Danica Lo / StyleBistro)I don't know what it's like in your neck of the woods, but in New York, over the past few years, the winter-to-summer changeover has been pretty snappy—like, one day it's 50 degrees and chilly outside, the next it's 95, hot, and humid. And for me, with my sensitive-but-a-little-oily-and-sometimes-dry-confused skin, this year's change of seasons hasn't been cute.See, while in the winter, I know exactly what to put on my face to keep the peace—Kiehl's Rosa Arctica cream...Read Full Story

To Download: This Pizza Compass App Really Understands Me

By Caitlin Petreycik on
(ThinkStock) Finding pizza, if you have a smartphone, should be easy, right? But, unfortunately, it never is. First you have to Google "best pizza Union Square" (or wherever you happen to be) using your phone's tiny, fumbly keyboard. Then, you usually get sidetracked and end up sifting through about a million Yelp reviews, wondering what exactly that self-professed "foodie" commenter means when he calls a certain pizza place's Italian fennel sausage topping "overreaching." (Pizza Compass) But...Read Full Story

3 Mother's Day Gift Ideas Under $100—One Practical, One Sparkly, One Guaranteed-to-Please

By Danica Lo on
Stuck for a present for your mom this Mother's Day? Here are three gift ideas—one for the practical mom, one for a sparkly mom, and one for a picky mom—that are guaranteed to please. Every item is under $100—but each is imbued with an understated sense of luxury that'll bring a smile to your mother's face every time she sees it, wears it, or uses it. For serious.Above: Silk blouses from Everlane, $80 - For moms who protest and make you feel guilty for buying them anything even vaguely...Read Full Story

Atlantic City Then And Now

By Danica Lo on
The Best Boardwalk Empire-era AttractionsHere's What Carrie, Samantha, Miranda and Charlotte Should Have Done in AC10 Facts You Might Not Know About Atlantic City Every Flavor of Atlantic City's Famous Salt Water Taffy, Ranked In Order of Deliciousness DJ Pauly D.'s Guide to Atlantic City: Blackjack, Diamonds, and Guidettes5 Things to Do in Atlantic City That Don't Involve Drinking, Eating, or GamblingAtlantic City's Top Bartender On How to Order at the Bar Postcards from Atlantic City—Can...Read Full Story

Show Us What Your Perfect Morning Looks Like - on Pinterest - and Enter This Amazing Contest

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Here's our version of a Perfect Gud Morning—check it out right here and make your own!It's little luxuries that make everyday morning rituals feel special—like a hot, steamy shower with our favorite vanilla body wash, a warm pot of tea in a cute oversized mug, the perfect plate of eggs and toast, maybe even a minute to browse the morning papers. Our friends over at Güd are totally on the same page—and that's why they've launched this amazing contest to help you win your perfect Güd morning...Read Full Story

Denim, Lace, and Florals Oh My + Some Other Things I Have My Eyes on for Spring

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(Photos courtesy of Alice + Olivia, Free People, Forever 21) Alice + Olivia Eric Pant, $297; Free People One softly woven jacket, $98; Floral print high-low dress, $22.80.I, like many others living in New York, am a transplant. I ventured to the Big Apple from my small Midwestern town hoping to follow my dreams and aspirations — or something inspirational like that. But with me I brought two things: a weird tendency to say y'all. (Seriously, I don't know where that came from. I'm from...Read Full Story