Here's What I Can't Wait to Add to My Makeup Bag (& Closet!) This Spring

By Lindsay Schallon on
As the resident beauty obsessive here at StyleBistro HQ, I'm much more invested in revamping my makeup bag than my closet this spring. A self-diagnosed hoarder — you know how most people's top dresser drawers are dedicated to, say, underpants? Well mine's stuffed to the brim with products, just cosmetics that is. Lotions, fragrances, hair care, yeah, that's all dispersed elsewhere throughout my itty-bitty Manhattan apartment, anyhoo — this season I'm hoping to, for once in my life, stick to...Read Full Story

Things I May or May Not Spend My Money On This Spring

By Caitlin Petreycik on
(Clare Vivier) After cleaning out my closet this weekend, I realized something. A least a quarter of my spring wardrobe consists of eye-searing vintage dresses hand-hemmed to varying degrees of inappropriateness. So, I should probably buy a few things to tone all of those Clinton-era mini florals and '70s paisleys down, right? Starting with...A structured bag. (Clare Vivier)I've been carrying my stuff around in a leather backpack all winter, '90s teen runaway style, which is fine, but maybe...Read Full Story

Spring Forward: My 7 Seasonal Style Inspirations

By Tanya Leigh Ta on
Illustration and photo editing by Tanya Leigh WashingtonIn my fantasy universe, my wardrobe would comprise mainly of flared sundresses for picnics and various retro bikinis for lounging under striped beach umbrellas. And, of course, I would own a slew of fitted sheaths for lunching and classy off-the-shoulder cocktail dresses for, well, cocktails. While my life may have a shortage of picnics to attend, I am still achingly drawn to ladylike dressing with a preppy twist.Spring is here, and with...Read Full Story

It's Snowing Outside - But Here's What I Have My Eye On For Spring

By Danica Lo on
Hey guys. So, it's officially been spring in the northern hemisphere for nearly an entire week now and this is the view outside my office window (just a few hours ago, it was snowing)—not very spring-y, huh?Even though it's been a pretty mild winter here in New York—even today, with the snow, the Accuweather app on my phone says it's currently a pretty reasonable 40 degrees outside—there's only so much coat weather I can take before longing for drier, balmier skies.Here are some things I've...Read Full Story

The Best New Organic Skincare Line I've Seen So Far This Year - Orico London

By Danica Lo on
This is how much I love Orico London.If you, like me, have heard that scary statistic about how a huge percentage of the products we slather on our skin is actually absorbed into our bloodstream—and if you, like me, have for years been looking for an organic skincare like that feels just as luxurious, smells just as good, and is just as effective (if not more effective) than your usual chemical allotment, well, maybe you'll want to try out new-to-the-USA skincare line Orico London. Orico...Read Full Story

The Best Product That Landed on My Desk Today: Orla Kiely for Method Liquid Soaps!

By Danica Lo on
Every day, tons of new products float across my desk—some are awesome, most are pretty good. Today, the friendly folks at Method sent over two of their newest products—both part of the brand-new Orla Kiely + Method collab!Check 'em out: on the left in the green it's the Orla Kiely for Method dish soap ($2.99) in "Tomato Vine" scent and on the right, in orange, is the Orla Kiely for Method hand soap (aldo $2.99) in "White Nectarine" scent. The range comes in four fragrances—white nectarine...Read Full Story

Here's One Easy Way to Stick to Your New Year's Resolutions

By Danica Lo on
(Courtesy Roxy)I'm old—and being old, I may or may not have some wisdom to dispense. Here's my master-of-the-obvious brain-dropping of the day—just in time for week two of 2013, when new year's resolutions start to slip:One of the easiest ways to get motivated to exercise is to have workout clothes you really really love.That way, when you get up in the morning, or when you get home from work, you'll actually want to slip into those running pants and take 'em for a fat-burning spin.Sound easy...Read Full Story

StyleBistro Editors' 2013 Fashion Resolutions

By Dominique Streeter on
It's that time of year again when everyone vows to finally shed those extra pounds, find true love, or learn a second language. But over here at StyleBistro, we're focused on how to make 2013 our most fashionable yet. The best part about our resolutions? They don't require scads of money or really even that much resolve. Plus, many of our plans will actually help to make our lives easier. Check out what each of our personal style goals are and be sure to share your own resolutions in the...Read Full Story

Introducing 'Hellqvist & O'Donovan,' an Ode to London Men's Week

By Danica Lo on
(All photos courtesy Hellqvist & O'Donovan) Back in June, London held its first-ever standalone men's fashion week—and veteran fashion journalist David Hellqvist and photographer Morgan O'Donovan were there to document it. The result, five months later, is Hellqvist & O'Donovan: Document No.1—a not-quite-magazine not-quite-book photo-and-words celebration of the industry-changing event—which officially launches this week in the UK.The gorgeous tome features interview with nine designers...Read Full Story

Nowadays a Brand New Copy of 'Unzipped' Goes for $5,000

By Danica Lo on
So it's late Sunday night and I'm trawling the internet looking for some fun fashion goodies to buy the kiddos for the holidays. Since I'm old, I'm into vintage and stuff, so I'm, like, maybe I should give people some fashion DVDs—like Unzipped, the amazing 1995 documentary about Isaac Mizrahi that really put fashion on the reality moving-picture radar. Um, too bad it's $5,000. What?That's right. Looks like Unzipped the DVD has gone out of production, so to score a new copy, you'll have to...Read Full Story