What Eric Wilson Eats During Fashion Week, In Ascending Order of Deliciousness

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Without further commentary, a list of foods, pulled from Eric Wilson's New York Times food diary — which details his diet during last September's round of New York Fashion Week shows — in ascending order of deliciousness. 

"A dusty lozenge discovered on the bottom of a colleague's handbag" 

"One Emergen-C martini" 

"Two radish halves and one cheese puff" 


"Free bags of nuts and yogurt-covered raisins" 

"Deep-fried somethings" 

"A cinnamon raisin bagel" 

"Peanut M&Ms" 
(Courtesy of Candy Favorites) 

"A buffalo chicken wrap" 

"Vanilla-chocolate twist frozen yogurt with chopped nuts" 

"A quickie spinach quiche" 

"A red velvet cupcake and an Orangina" 
(Dr. Pepper Snapple Group) 

"A small veggie chili" 

"A mini caramel cupcake, half a Momofuku Milk Bar Compost Cookie, several vodka cranberries" 

"A roast beef sandwich and a Coke" 

"Emergency ice coffee and flourless chocolate cake" 

"A ham and cheese croissant, in full view of Anna Wintour" 

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"A chocolate croissant" 

"A salami panino" 

"An heirloom tomato salad" 

"Slice of pizza" 


"Watermelon and feta salad" 

"Spicy tuna roll" 

"A takeout cheeseburger and fries" 

"An everything bagel with smoked salmon, onions, and cream cheese" 

"Iceberg wedge and roast chicken" 

"One Sicilian tomato breakfast pizza" 

"A fried artichoke salad"

"A half-pint of Jeni's Whiskey and Pecans ice cream" 

(Jeni's Splendid) 

"Lobster spaghetti"

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