3. Bad Feminist, Roxane Gay
This collection of essays is engrossing, enlightening, and totally entertaining. And if you're like me and were at first completely turned off by the title, it's also important to note that writer and professor Roxane Gay's brand of "bad feminism" is completely conscious of its own level of imperfection. It is simply making itself heard in a world that undeniably feels hard to tap into for many women.

"I disavowed feminism because I had no rational understanding of the movement. I was called a feminist, and what I heard was, 'You are an angry, sex-hating, man-hating victim lady person,' " Roxane writes.

"This caricature is how feminists have been warped by the people who fear feminism most, the same people who have the most to lose when feminism succeeds. Anytime I remember how I once disavowed feminism, I am ashamed of my ignorance."