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6. My Life On the Road, Gloria Steinem
If you're looking for a feminist female role model, look no further. Because we'd be hard put to write up a list of essential modern feminist lit without including the work of the inimitable Gloria Steinem in the bunch.

The incredibly insightful journalist and political activist told The New Yorker, "Feminist theory came from feminist activism—it wasn’t the other way around . . . theory can be exclusionary, and that’s not my path.

"My path is to open the door to this house, to get out of the world I know, and to experience new worlds, new voices. It’s making connections, and using myself to listen, because you can’t empower women without listening to their stories. . . .

"Somebody at the publisher’s suggested ‘Memoir.’ I thought, That’s such an élite word. Wrong! Finally, we settled on ‘My Life on the Road.’ ” (Steinem, who doesn’t drive, says, “Well, not quite ‘on,’ more like ‘above.’)"