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I am a true believer that your zodiac sign plays a huge part in how you live your life. It helps shape your views, desires and approach, so it's only natural that it would shape your relationships too. It's pretty hard not to be fascinated by sign compatibility — because let's face it, you're always crossing your fingers that you and your crush will be deemed a 'perfect match.' There is a lot of truth in compatibility, because if you believe in the power of astrology, it only makes sense that compatibility would fall in line.

That being said, I want to be very, very clear that just because you and another sign are 'not compatible', it does not mean that you're doomed for failure. This is a very bare-bones approach to compatibility that only looks at each sign's exclusive relation to another. When in fact, each of our charts contain numerous signs that all play a part in true compatibility (not to mention the fact that we're all our own unique, individual people). I know plenty of people in 'incompatible' relationships (myself included) that are perfectly happy and madly in love. Don't think of compatibility as a fated 'yes' or 'no', but rather a guide to navigating the romantic world with another.