7 Reasons the Baby-Sitters Club Members Would Make Great Besties

These gals literally bring a Kit of Fun wherever they go.

7 Reasons the Baby-Sitters Club Members Would Make Great Besties

To try and deny or ignore the colossal effect pop culture has on us would be futile and silly. Pop culture: It's fun! We love it! And it's actually pretty important, too. Representation of yourself, your friends, your family — or people like you/them — is something you want to see in the books, movies, television shows, music, etc. that are supposed to reflect what our society looks like. Art imitates life, life imitates art, and so on. It's an imperfect system, to be sure, one that's constantly evolving and improving (we hope), and it's so important to be vocal when you consume a slice of pop culture that you like (and equally as important to highlight the rotten pieces of the pop culture pie, some of which you're sure to come across).

Something that I'm constantly looking for in my pop culture pie is a filling that includes a hefty helping/representation of female friendship (this pie metaphor is really losing ground, so I'm going to drop it now, mmmkay?). I love my lady friends — they help inform who I am, and so I like to see strong groups or pairs of female friends on TV, in movies, and in books. They can serve as role models, counteract the Hollywood myth that romance = everything, and also help reflect reality. So, in a new feature for Livingly, I'm highlighting a girl gang from pop culture that I'd definitely want to hang with, and what makes them so great. The spotlight will be on a different group/pair each time, so make sure to check back! Somehow, this week's article is my first time tackling book BFFs (but don't worry, it won't be the last). I'm going retro this week, all the way back to my own childhood — it's time to talk about the members of the Baby-Sitters Club.

They're responsible.

Probably the most responsible 7th/8th graders around, since an entire town of parents let these 12-and-13-year-olds babysit their children. Fast-forward a little, and these BFFs would definitely be the ones you go to with any problem, big or small. They'd handle it.

Kid Kits!

Okay, the activities in the BSC members' Kid Kits might be geared toward, uh, kids, but that doesn't mean it wouldn't be super cool to have a group of best friends who carry around games and puzzles and stuff basically wherever they go.

They'd keep your secrets...unless they like, really needed to tell.

These girls would be secret-keeping vaults for sure, unless they had to tell for your own good (like when Mary-Anne tells everyone about Kristy's secret dad meet-ups in the Baby-Sitters Club movie). The moral compasses of the BSC were always fine-tuned, so if spilling the secret would actually help you, they'd do it. Otherwise, they'd keep their mouths shut. And isn't it important to have a friend who knows when to hold and when to fold?

Their adventures abound.

Somehow the members of the BSC were often taking awesome group vacations and having wild (well, wild for 7th/8th grade) adventures together. Way too often. There is technically only one summer vacation in a year. These group vacations broke the laws of space and time. Whatever. Screw your paid vacation days and go on a cruise with the BSC!

Stacey and Claudia would dress you.

Do I really need to say more? Trust me, you want these two creative fashionistas playing dress-up with you right out of their own closets. Bonus: Claudia would feed you candy while picking out your outfit.

They'd welcome you back with open arms...multiple times.

Have a falling out? Quit the club? Choose your boyfriend over your friends? The BSC gals would welcome you back where you belong as soon as you came back with your tail between your legs. Cough cough Stacey cough cough.

And they're welcoming to newcomers, too!

Alternate member, associate member, junior officer...the BSC had multiple official names for the new friends they picked up during the course of the series. Even if the newcomers got off to a rocky start (i.e. Kristy and Dawn, Kristy and Shannon...Kristy was a tough cookie, huh?), the BSC would eventually welcome them warmly into the fold. Say it with me: awww!

So grab your Kid Kit and head to Stoneybrook, CT (disclaimer: not a real place) to hang with the best babysitting crew a girl could ask for!

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