5 Ways to Celebrate The True Love of Your Life (Your Pet) This Valentine's Day

Who cares about roses and chocolate, anyway?

5 Ways to Celebrate The True Love of Your Life (Your Pet) This Valentine's Day

Even if you're not coupled up, even if you don't believe in "Hallmark holidays", even if you are completely OVER love, chances are, at the very least, you're still going to celebrate your dog or cat or ferret this Valentine's Day. Because Sparky is the true love of your life, anyway.

And you're in good company with your unabashed love of your pet — an estimated one in five people are planning to involve their pets in their V-Day plans. And that means Americans will spend an estimated $703 million on their furry friends for the lovey dovey holiday. That's a LOT of heart-covered cat sweaters and dog treats, guys.

So if you're one of those people who's going to spend your 14th of February with your furry friend, here are some fab ways to liven up your day:

Play Dress Up

Practically all of the fun of Valentine's Day revolves around over-the-top sparkly red and pink decorations, clothing, cards, etc. So, it's only natural to extend the cute explosion to your puppy or kitty. Or even your hamster, whatever.

If your pet really hates wearing clothes, getting one adorable Instagram photo is completely worth the cost of the outfit.

Bake Valentine's Day Pet Treats

There are SO many delicious treat recipes that are perfect for your four-legged friends. This one for doggy fro-yo is incredibly easy, cute, and way healthier than the red velvet cupcakes you'll be devouring yourself.

Here's the recipe:

2 cups of low fat, all natural Greek yogurt (no sugar, no additives)
1 medium banana
1/3 cup all natural, organic peanut butter
1 tablespoon honey

1. Place all ingredients into a food processor and process until smooth, 2 to 3 minutes.
2. Pour mixture into (silicon or paper) molds of your choice, place on a baking sheet and freeze, at least 1 hour.
3. Remove fro-yo pops from molds and serve.  

Plan a Romantic Doggie Date Night

5 Ways to Celebrate The True Love of Your Life (Your Pet) This Valentine's Day

So, your pet is all dressed up, doggie fro-yo is in the freezer, and the stage is set for a fantastic night in with the love of your life. Throw on Lady and the Tramp, order pizza, open some wine, and have yourself one heck of a Valentine's Day evening. If you are in a human relationship, your S.O. will enjoy this low-key evening as much as you do if they're worth keeping around.

Make a Donation to Homeless Pets

If you're already saving money by not buying boring roses or chocolates this Valentine's Day, why not use that cash to help animals who don't already have their forever homes? That way, they'll be able to have their own V-Day celebrations with their very own humans next year. (Hooray!)

Also be sure to check out these amazing Valentine's Day pet personals if you're looking for a new animal for yourself. You can also head to your local shelter or check out Petfinder.comTheShelterPetProject.org and countless other rescue organizations.

Get Outside

5 Ways to Celebrate The True Love of Your Life (Your Pet) This Valentine's Day

You'll obviously want to show off your cute pet wearing its cute Valentine's Day outfit, so go for a stroll, have a drink on a patio (if you're lucky enough for some warm winter weather), or just head to the dog park. You'll enjoy the fresh air, your pet will welcome the exercise, and, heck, you might even meet the human love of your life while you're at it.


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