Amber Heard's Valentino Gown - Illustrated

By Tanya Leigh Ta on
Illustration and photo editing by Tanya Leigh WashingtonWe predicted Keira Knightley or Anne Hathaway would be the first to get their hands on Valentino's whimsical dandelion gown, but instead it was the steamy Amber Heard. We love red carpet curve balls.For the Art of Elysium's Heaven Gala, Amber looked extraordinary in the delicate silk design—a drastic departure from her usual figure-hugging taffeta and backless sparkle. The lace bodice and dainty collar were charmingly school girl while...Read Full Story

Louis Vuitton Launches Designer Paper Dolls

By Caitlin Petreycik on
(Courtesy of Louis Vuitton)These paper dolls may be the cutest Louis Vuitton creations we've ever seen — and they're free! LV gave the childhood staple a grownup makeover by teaming up with fashion illustrator Kerrie Hess on a line of printable cut-outs with designer wardrobes our Barbie and American Girl paper dolls could only dream of. (Courtesy of Louis Vuitton) The two dimensional models wear ink and watercolor versions of Louis Vuitton's spring 2013 collection, as well as teensy...Read Full Story

Garance Dore is Now Finally Selling...

By Lindsay Schallon on
(Photo by Getty) Garance Dore and Scott Schuman, The Sartorialist. She shoots, she sketches, she blogs—she sells? Famed fashion blogger Garance Doré is finally (!) planning to sell prints and posters of the illustrations on her website, according to a report in WWD.At least a dozen of Doré's digital drawings will be up for grabs, and to kick off the sales initiative, the French darling is hosting an exhibition in NYC for people to view the prints first-hand.If you're anything like our...Read Full Story

Fashion Week Tribe: Street Style Bloggers

By Tanya Leigh Ta on
Street Style Bloggers of New York Fashion Week by Tanya Leigh WashingtonLocation: Fashion WeekTribe: Street Style BloggersThe fiercest of the Fashion Week tribes, this subculture of show-goers treat dressing like a competitive sport. Come Fashion Week, you can find these style junkies in their natural habitat peacocking around the Lincoln Center. Independent creatures by nature, members can be witnessed posing solo for their next blog entry or to lure street style photographers. The best of...Read Full Story

17 Women in Relationships Spill: What Did You Wear on Your First Date?

By Lindsay Schallon on
(Photo Illustration by Tanya Leigh Washington)There are only a handful of times in life when you can recall, without fail, exactly what you were wearing—prom, your wedding, and, of course, your first date with that special someone.We caught up with 17 women across America—all of whom are either married or in serious relationships—and asked them to tell us what they wore on their first dates with their now-significant-others. The responses ranged from surprising (a Juicy Couture jumpsuit!) to...Read Full Story