Kanye West for A.P.C: Is This Really Happening?

(Courtesy of Getty Images)

Get ready—a Kanye West for A.P.C. collection may be happening. This weekend, A.P.C. founder Jean Touitou tweeted a photo of him and Yeezy hunched over a laptop like they were very hard at work on...something. 
(Courtesy of @jeantouitou)

The pic has no caption—teases, both of you!—but, last February, Touitou spoke about possibly collaborating with the rapper-turned-designer, so this snapshot shouldn't be too surprising. And yet, it kind of is.

A.P.C. is known for things like French-preppy peacoats, ultra stiff denim, and sailor striped tops. Basically, if Kim Kardashian saw any of it, she would be like, "ew." 

(Courtesy of A.P.C.)

Kanye West's last collection included slashed bandage dresses, raw-hemmed leather, and navel-grazing necklines. Kim Karsashian really loves his puffy white heels. 

(Courtesy of Getty Images)

So what could the pair possibly be up to? A line of skintight plaid smock dresses with midsection cut-outs? Fur bras layered under fisherman sweaters with boob windows? The anticipation is killing us. 

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