The Top 10 Moments from 'America's Next Top Model' Cycle 19, Episode 10: Kristin's a Mean Girl

(Photo via The CW)

Last week, when Leila returned to the competition after winning the comeback challenge, we knew we were in for a world of drama, some tears, and possibly—dare we hope for it—a fight. (Mean Girl is a brawler, after all.)

Everyone was peeved over the return of the "High Fashion Girl," but mostly, the models went about their ways—forcing themselves forward in the race to the top... Until this week. Both the pretty blondes—Kristin and Laura—start unraveling. But Mean Girl, grounded in her Mean Girl roots, took the cake. Really, this should have been called the "The Girl Who Loses It And Smack Talks Everyone" episode.

What happened exactly? Read on for our top 10 moments—Kristin's dramz, included—from America's Next Top Model Cycle 19, Episode 10, "The Girl Who Becomes Art for Tyra."

Leila gets hit by a dolphin: For this week's challenge the girls met reggae legend Bob Marley's daughter, Cedella—who just so happens to also be a fashion designer. And guess who helped the gals model Marley's swimwear line, High Tide? Eep! Yes! Dolphins! Modeling with dolphins is, apparently, tougher than it looks though, as Leila found out. The magestic mammal clocked her a good one with its fin—and then she made the face above. Yowch.

Laura flashes the entire beach: But she didn't mean to, of course. While riding on the noses of two dolphins, one of the waves took her by surprise and knocked her swimsuit right off—exposing her ta-tas for the world (and the snapping cameras!) to see.

She was mortified, but, hey, at least she has nice knockers—or so Johnny made it seem, at least. "That was it!" he said. "I think that was the one. That was the cover. Your breast-ist-es looked great!" We'll never actually know since The CW blurred them out for TV. It's not Skinemax, you know.

Kristin and Leila bitch about each other (Part 1): So, like we said, most of this episode was about Kristin's, uh, clear distaste for just about everyone—especially Leila. At the beginning of the episode, we see Leila quickly catching on to this fact, "Kristin hates me," she said in the confessional. "Anytime I'm in the apartment she just loves to make me feel uncomfortable."

So how does Leila respond to this? By being as (subtly) obnoxious as possible about winning the dolphin photo challenge—and $10,000 for her scholarship bank and $3,000 in clothing and (the cherry on top) a free massage.

Kristin then vents to Laura: "I just want to throw something at her ugly ass face. I don't like her. I don't even have a reason not to like her. It's not even personal, I just don't f*cking like her."

Kristin, tell us how you really feel why don't you?

Kristin is an angry 5-year-old: After Kiara and Leila head out to get their complementary massages, Kristin goes out into their model pool (poor her) and mopes around. Oh, and blows bubbles. Womp womp.

Tyra plays renowned fashion photographer: Yay! It was the episode where Tyra comes on set to shoot the girls. So you know what that means—the pressure was on and the stakes were high. Actually, they were higher than normal. Tyra told the girls, she's planning to hang the best "work of art" in her newly-refurnished home. That's a big, big deal, you guys.

Tyra also has really, really weird dreams: So, Tyra is totally afraid of dolphins. Like, terrified. So terrified, she has really strange nightmares about them like this: "I've had a dream where I was in a swimming pool and dolphins were going bump and banging me... Bump. Well not banging me, but..."

You can imagine the chorus of laughter that followed.

Kelly gave the best, most sincere critique we've ever heard her give: And she actually cheered! Like full on "Woo Girl" cheering—with clapping! Kelly Cutrone clapped! "Woooo! Thank you, Leila! This is an amazing shot, 100 percent. You are owning every, every, every inch and fiber in your being. This is one of the best shots of the season. Well done."

Wow. Coming from Kelly, that truly is a compliment. WTG, Leila!

And then Kelly went back to being Kelly: Here's what the PR maven had to say about Kristin's photo: "You look more like a girl who ran away from the convent, dropped some mushrooms with her boyfriend and is hanging out in the rocks than a model at a fashion shoot. It's super awkward."

Holy drama during the judging panel (spoiler alert): After all the critiques were said and done, the girls waited backstage for the judges to tally scores. Leila and Kiara once again were cheering and patting themselves on the back for a job well done. And then, Kristin pulled out the sarcasm daggers.

Here's how the dramz went down:

Kristin: "Oh yeah, I'm so happy you guys have so much respect for the girls who are worried. And you're just being overenthusiastic about your great photos."

Kiara: "Thank you. I appreciate it. I'm sorry. Do you have anything to say. I'm sorry, you're not..."

Kristin: "No, I'm not trying asking for you guys to say anything. I do appreciate the lack of respect for the people that are worried about their pictures. And how you guys are just so f*cking thrilled.

Kiara: "Everytime you have a bad performance you lash out at everyone."

Kristin: "No. NO! That's not it. That's not it! I'm saying I feel like I'm being disrespected right now because you know there are people in here that are upset, and you guys are acting like you don't give a f*ck. It's disrespectful. I think it's rude."

Kiara: "Everything you do is rude."

The convo continued on and on like so. At one point Leila interjects, but Kristin shuts her down immediately. Once the verbal brawl was over, Kristin kept on sipping the haterade—and bad-mouthing every girl in the house—all the way down to the bitter end of her elimination. Sad face. We're going to miss Mean Girl.

ANTM is casting for Cycle 20: Hear that, ya'll? ANTM is casting! In the form of one of those emergency announcement marquees, a notice flashed across the bottom of the screen to let the world know—ANTM is now on the hunt for girls and guys for its next season. Want to unleash your inner-fierceness for a chance to be on top? Apply here!

What was your favorite moment from last night? Can you believe only two episodes are left until we find out the winner? Who are you cheering for? Sound off in the comments below!