Opening Ceremony Would Like You to Wear Lampshades on Your Knees

(Opening Ceremony)

Opening Ceremony really keeps us on our toes. Just when we thought we had seen every spring silhouette — Bermuda shorts! Bomber jackets! Ruffles! — we came across these "leg wraps" on the retailer's new arrivals page.
(Opening Ceremony)

Made by Central Saint Martins-trained Korean designer Kathleen Kye, the $70 pleated knee cuffs look like little lampshades for your lower legs. We could see how they would be useful, if, say, you were wearing sandals on a hot summer day, and wanted to protect the tops of your feet from sunburn. Or if you wanted to shield your shoes from the rain. And, if they have pockets, there's no need to carry a purse! Can you imagine bringing your knee up to the table and casually sliding your credit card out of your leg pouch when it's time to split the check at brunch?
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