Despicable Fashion People Behavior: Model Scouts Are Staking Out Eating Disorder Clinics

(Thinkstock) Swedish model scouts are being accused of staking out eating disorder clinics

Model scouts in Stockholm, Sweden, have been accused of staking out the entrance of the Stockholm Center for Eating Disorders trying to recruit its ultra-skinny patients to model.

According to a report in The Local, the problem has been ongoing for years—with the last reported incident occurring in 2012. Subsequent to a wheelchair-bound patient—she was so frail she was in a wheelchair—being approached by a model scout, the clinic changed the routes it took its patients on walks outdoors.

"It sends the wrong signals when the girls are being treated for eating disorders," said Andreas Birgegard, the chair of the Swedish Anorexia and Bulimia Society. "For people who have an illness centered around weight and looks, it's catastrophic to throw them into a business that focuses on exactly those things.

One report details an incident where a 14-year-old patient was approached outside the clinic by a scout from one of the country's top agencies. The scout was later confronted by both the girl's mother and her carer.
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