Jennifer Lawrence Gets Moody for Dior, Urban Outfitters is Getting a College, and More

(Photos courtesy of Dior via Harper's Bazaar)Just when we thought Jennifer Lawrence's Dior ads couldn't get any better, a new batch of extremely relaxed and yet incredibly polished photos came out. The 23-year-old Hunger Games star gets all moody and angsty in a series of black-and-white images for the French fashion house. Someday we'll be that cool. Maybe. [Harper's Bazaar UK]

A college with no tests, no homework, and no classes? If Urban Outfitters has its way, this will be a reality. Scott Belair, the co-founder of UO is investing in a special initiative called, Mountaintop Project, where students will apparently spend an entire semester "innovating and dreaming up solutions to the world's problems." [Business Insider]

Want an internship at Vogue? Don't even bother applying. Conde Nast has completely eliminated their internship program as of 2014. Sorry potential interns, looks like you'll have to get coffee for someone elsewhere. [Fashionista]

Johnny Depp is blonde, and it makes us feel all weird inside. See what we mean, here. [Bella Sugar]

Your underwear just got a little fancier. Some smarty-pants scientist invented the Shreddies, a pair of undies designed to stop the smell of umm, well, gas. That's right; this pair of underwear will let you pass gas freely. Just note, they only absorb odor. Any related sounds—well, they're still present. [Fast Company]
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