Here's a Fashion Guide For Vampires

Here's a Fashion Guide For Vampires
(Thinkstock) Vampires are naturally stylish, no?

Here's a Fashion Guide For VampiresJust because they're undead doesn't meant they want to be unfashionable.

If you're a vampire—or just want to look like one—Scarlett Stoker's new eBook Dracula in Dior might be just what you're looking for.

The new book, which bills itself as "The Ultimate A-Z Fashion Guide for the Undead and Those Who Wish To Be," is a newfangled guide to looking like a vampire without resorting to old-school outfits like corsets and capes. New, modern vampires are all about luxury designers, didn't you know? There are even practical dressing tips—like, have you ever thought about how well large statement jewelry can help camouflage blood stains?

"It's time for older vampires to abandon the cliches and younger camps to ditch the hoodies and torn jeans," Stoker says. "Vampires need to embrace the runway and start killing in fashion."

Remember: looking good isn't just about being trendy or even feeling good about your appearance. For all intents and purposes, dressing right can make or break a vampire's ability to feed.

"A wise human once said that good clothes open all doors," Stoker says. "And if you're a vampire, beyond those doors are a lot of necks. The devil wears Prada because it works for him. Shouldn't Dracula and his cohorts do their jobs in Dior? And Marc Jacobs and Gucci and Donna Karan."

Check out Dracula in Dior for more tips on how to look undead—the right way. The cover illustration seems to suggest an Isabella Blow-inspired approach. Okay, we can sort of see that.

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