The Top 10 Moments from 'America's Next Top Model' Cycle 19, Episode 7: Road Trips & Roaches

(Photos via CW)

Late-night benders, barfing in dirty bathrooms, and cross-country road trips—ahhh, the staples of our collegiate years. This week on America's Next Top Model: College Edition the girls packed their bags and made off to Palm Springs (via old-school RVs) for a down-and-dirty photoshoot at a grungy beach motel.

Plenty of drama went down between LA and FL, of course, as the remaining seven models begin to crack under the pressure of the competition—namely Home School Girl Victoria, who started to seriously lose it (and weight, for that matter) in this episode.

Other things that happened: Kiara, the eldest of seven siblings, tried to play mom (surprise, surpise); Tyra is the one who cried (for a change); and a creepy-crawly visitor crashed the disgusting motel set.

Read on for our top 10 moments from America's Next Top Model Cycle 19, Episode 7, "The Girl Who Licks the Floor." (Spoiler alert: Yes, that nasty, filthy floor below.)

10) Victoria's scary eating habits start to emerge: One of the darker sides to the modeling industry—as Tyra repeatedly notes she's penned many stories and memoirs on—is eating disorders and the pressures to stay thin. Victoria, though, wasn't so much worried about her appearance, it's about her unabashed separation anxiety from her mom.

After skipping dinner for the umpteenth time, she confided to the camera, "I miss my mom so much. I just haven't really had the desire to eat as much as I do at home. It's like I don't have any taste right now."

We saw the beginnings of other girls starting to voice legitimate concern for her health.

9) "Random Acts of Modeling": As the girls traveled across the nation in their two humongous campers, they were required to make three pit stops along the way and perform random acts of modeling—aka doing everyday things like answering the phone, taking out the trash, or pumping gas in a model-esque way.

Some of the girls didn't quite understand the concept of everyday activites, but Kiara awkwardly nailed it when they stopped by a BBQ joint. Unlike Victoria, she clearly had no problem with food. The Basketballer smeared ketchup all over her face and body—with a half-eaten piece of chicken we might add—to randomly model fierce chicken-finger eating.

8) Kiara is a really, really bossy mom: Originally, everyone couldn't stand Victoria for her crazy antics and OTT obsession with her mommy, but we started to see a major change in opinion (sort of) from Kiara this week.

"I like Victoria as a person," Kiara said. "I just see her as this fragile child and I want to step up and be there for her."

And boy does she ever. Kiara took on the maternal role by yelling at Victoria to run, run, run during the Random Acts of Modeling challenge—bossing her around to do this and that as they went from place to place.

"She's really not maternal," Victoria said. And, out of all of them, the girl who's obsessed with her mom would know this best, right?

7) Victoria pretends to get knocked up: For their photo shoot, the girls had to pose as college gals who partied just a wee bit too hard into the depths of the night. And just like her crazy steampunk backstory, Home School Girl concocted another WTF character to embody the role:

"I lost my virginity and I really need to take a pregnancy test," she said, crying to Johnny as she walked onto the set. "I'm like freaking out right now. I don't even know who it was. I don't even know what happened. I'm, like, Baptist. This is really bad!"

We're pretty sure she freaked the hell out of Johnny.

6) Mean Girl Kristin chugs a whole lot of milk: It took five full gallons of milk for the Mean Girl to get this awesome shot, and surprisingly she was no sour sport about it—unlike her zombie shoot a few weeks ago. Could this be a new leaf she's overturning? Nah... She was just putting on a show. Afterward she told the camera: "That was so annoying. I'm so pissed." At least she's learning a little, right?

5) Allyssa insults the photographer: Part of being a top model means knowing the people in the biz—especially the peeps who snap you. The Brazilian beauty made a major oopsie when she called renowned fashion photographer Douglas Friedman the wrong name. Cringe.

4) Allyssa licks that nasty motel kitchen floor: As if she didn't just already ruin her night by offending the photog, she then had to go and put her tongue on this absolutely atrocious floor.

To make matters all the more worse—a cockroach crawled right by her. This reaction sums up the whole traumatic incident rather well:

3) BryanBoy throws wadded up paper balls at Kiara: BryanBoy was less than impressed with Kiara's photo shoot, so to illustrate his point, he threw wads of paper at her. "Some of the girls are here, and some of the girls are here," he said, raising his hands like a scale. "You... [he throws the wads] are way over there." Oh snap!

2) Tyra threatens to send Victoria home: When Victoria went up against the judging panel saying she's been trying so hard and wants this so bad—the other girls tattle on her bizarre eating habits and scary behavior. Tyra turned into the protective momma bear that she is and told Victoria, "Next week, I'm keeping my eye on you. If you're sick, I have to send you home."

1) Tyra, for once, is the one who tears up: (Spoiler alert!) Season after season, Tyra always pulls for the big-booty-touching gals, so when Allyssa went up for the chopping block, it was no surprise that Tyra was severely disappointed. And when the bootylicious Brazilian's score came out on the, uh, bottom, Tyra began to cry.

"I was a black girl with a big butt and that just meant I had to try harder," she told Allyssa. "You have to try harder. We have to try harder."

Luckily, like the other eliminated girls, Allyssa still has a shot at coming back!

Tell us, what did you think about last night's episode? Are you worried about Victoria? Do you think Kristin is actually becoming more mature? Let us know in the comments!