Celebrity Stylist Leslie Fremar's Tips for Looking Amazing in Pictures

Celebrity Stylist Leslie Fremar's Tips for Looking Amazing in Pictures(Getty Images)

Superstylist Leslie Fremar is responsible for some of our favorite celebrity fashion moments. (Charlize Theron in strapless ivory Dior at the 2013 Oscars? That was her. Julianne Moore in hunter Balenciaga at this year's Met Gala? Yep, her again.)

So, when Leslie — who has been working with T.J. Maxx lately, to spread awareness about the retailer's new study on intersection between fashion and self-expression (more on that next week!) — gave us tips on looking star-level-amazing in photos, we listened.

Here's what we learned, over coffee in New York City's Union Square.

StyleBistro: Which styles look great in person, but not so good in photographs?

Leslie: Most things that I like, personally, don’t photograph well. I’m a very behind-the-scenes person, and sometimes, when I’m in the forefront, I have a hard time dressing myself. I like things that are oversized and blousy. Form-fitting things photograph better. They make you look smaller, they make you look slimmer. I think a lot of women think that they’re hiding behind baggy clothes, but it just really accentuates the things that you’re trying to hide. Which I do, too. So, wear form-fitting clothes.

StyleBistro: If your aim is to look hot in photos?

Leslie: If your aim is to look hot, yes.

There you have it! Although, we should note that Leslie came dressed in slouchy, cuffed trousers and a chambray button-down, and looked cooler than just about anyone in the room. So, it's not like you have to follow these tips all the time. But, if you have an event coming up that you just know will result in a flurry of Facebook photos the next day (weddings, reunions, etc.) it's worth trying, right? Fellow oversized-clothing-lovers, let's all give it a shot this weekend and see how many "likes" we get.
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