How Many Handbags Do You Carry to Work? Pippa Middleton's Two-Bag System, Let's Discuss.

How Many Handbags Do You Carry to Work? Pippa Middleton's Two-Bag System, Let's Discuss.
(Bauer Griffin) Pippa Middleton heads to the office in London this morning

Even the Duchess of Cambridge's little sister, Pippa Middleton, has to carry all her own stuff to the office. We like her two-bag system—check it out. Middleton's carrying one streamlined, quilted laptop case (wonder if she's a PC or a Mac girl?) and one personal bi-tonal bowler-style handbag from Loewe (it's a "Bolso Amazona").

What we want to know is: Is there such a thing as carrying too many bags?

We all know women who'll load up on totes and purses to head to the office—a handbag here and a canvas carry-all there doesn't seem like much, but when your bags start to seriously outnumber your arms, well, maybe you have a problem. We know one editor who'll carry her personal effects in a shoulder bag and schleps up to four additional bags—filled with reading material for her commute, extra shoes, workout clothes, take-home papers, and more—back and forth to work every day.

Then there's the other extreme: I've been known to turn up to the office with a lip gloss and keys in one pocket and a credit card and cell phones in the other—and that's it. Personally, I'm a big fan of not-schlepping—I love handbags as beautiful and covetable fashion objects, but wearing shoulder bags and cross-body purses drag on my jacket shoulders and pill (and pull) my clothes. Not to mention always having something in my hand or on my arm? Feels like handbag-prison.

What do you think? How many handbags and other bags do you carry to the office on a normal day? Do you think you need more or do you need to streamline? What's in your work bags? Sound off in the comments, below! I'm dying to know.
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