Rumormongering: Beyonce for H&M Could Actually Be Happening

(Photo by Getty)

Okay, if we couldn't handle this before, we really can't handle it now. Not even a week after Beyonce announced Destiny's Child is finally getting back together after eight long years, rumor has it that Bey might be the next face of H&M!

Last week, the singer posted a photo of her with baby Blue in the Bahamas to her very style-bloggery Tumblr. In the snap, she's wearing a tropical-printed bikini that supposedly belongs to the fast-fashion retailer. Check it out:

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Gossip about the picture being part of an alleged campaign shoot didn't start spreading, though, until one of Bey's backup dancers, Kimberly Gipson, posted this status on Facebook: “First day of rhsl in the Bahamas! Alriiiiiight H&M…Let’s Go!”

And then today, WWD reported they reached out to the Swedish-based brand for the full scoop. The response they received? "No comment."

To quote the not-so-wise Lloyd Christmas: so they're telling us there's a chance! No comment definitely isn't a big fat no, right?

What do you think? We're dying to know! Is it all just a bunch of bologna and hearsay? Or do you think Beyonce for H&M is legitimately happening? Sound off in the comments, below!