The Top 10 Moments From 'America's Next Top Model' Cycle 19, Episode 5


Three words sum up this week's episode of America's Next Top Model: College Edition: Drama Drama Drama.

The final nine hopefuls whipped out their vicious, competitive attitudes this week and the majority of the episode focused on a fight between Leila and Laura—with some hilarious jabs by mean girl Kristin injected in between.

Meanwhile, the girls who have brought us the most entertainment over the past few episodes (cough, Homeschool Girl, cough) fell by the wayside, instead focusing on doing what most of the models should have been worried about—walking for guest star Alicia Keys and then getting photographed pretending to be cheerleaders.

Still, we loved the house gossip, backstabbing, and eventual tearful confrontation and confusion. More on that later—here are our top ten moments from America's Next Top Model Cycle 19 Episode 4, "The Girl Who Sings for Alicia Keys."

10. Kiara singing for Alicia Keys: Sometimes Tyra really makes us laugh. Like how she just accompanies Alicia Keys into the girl's house as they're sleeping like it aint no thang. Obviously the girls cry in disbelief. But Kiara, who if you recall is the oldest of seven siblings, reacted to the sudden celebrity appearance in a way we've never seen before—she sings.

Not only does she sing, she tells Alicia that she can sing like her. Surprisingly, her voice isn't awful, but the whole thing still felt super awkward.


9) Male models randomly on the Mara Hoffman runway:
So the whole reason Alicia Keys was at the ANTM house was because the girls were challenged to walk at a fundraiser for her charity, Keep a Child Alive. Better yet, the girls wore half of Mara Hoffman's collection.

Half of the rando male models. (CW)

All of that's great, but when it came time to walk, without explanation or warning, there were gaggles of gorgeous boys straight up chilling topless on the runway. Like, even the girls didn't know how to process the information. So much so that they would break from their walk and pet their heads or grab their biceps. Once the show was over the male models were never spoken of again. Hmm.

8) Kelly Cutrone on Mara Hoffman:
When the girls are at the show discussing their hair and makeup, Kelly Cutrone insists on emphasizing that Mara Hoffman has been her client for ten years. Before the girls get ready, Cutrone screams at them, "And please don't embarrass my designer of ten years because I'll kill you."

We love you Kelly Cutrone.

7) Kelly Cutrone quote dump, number two:
At judging, while Cutrone is looking at Leila's photo she makes an analogy we've never heard before.

It goes like this: "You're standing in front of me, and you look like this amazing model, and then I look at this [her picture] and it looks like you were bit in the eye by a mosquito at a drag queen slumber party."

6) Disney girl cries over lost Disney morals:
Britanny, aka Disney Girl, was close to the chopping block this week, because, according to the judges, she's lost her Disney morals. Obviously, Brittany starts to cry, explaining that she was trying to be versatile. Apparently, you can be "sexy Disney," "fierce Disney," and "sweet Disney," says Tyra.

5) Jonte's smiley-faced ensemble:
We love a good smiley face now and again, but Jonte took the cartoonish drawing to the next level. Check out his giggly get-up:

4) Leila's is obsessed with Laura:
The beginning of the end. The whole reason a major blowout began this week is because Kristin and other in-house mean girls made fun of Leila for being "obsessed" with Laura.

Kristin says, "Leila is up Laura's butt. She's just obsessed with her."

3) Leila is NOT obsessed with Laura:
Majority of the talking head snippets are Leila claiming she is not, repeat not, obsessed with Laura. So much so, that when Laura picks Kristin over Leila (who she previously promised) for the Tyra suite, Leila insists that she's so not obsessed with her she doesn't even really consider them friends (sounds like a defense mechanism to us...).

Leila, who remains choked up the entire time she's speaking, says this of the whole situation:
“I’m not pissed that she didn’t pick me, 'cause I understood. But I’m kind of pissed that she picked Kristin, because for her to treat Kristin like as a friend the same way she treats me makes me wonder... we don’t have to be friends.”


2) Leila's thoughts on mean girl Kristin:
Really, this episode should have been titled, "Forget Alicia Keys and Mara Hoffman, Watch Leila Rant for an Hour." Well, rant she did, especially about mean girl Kristin who snagged her spot in the Tyra suite (with Laura).

“Kristin is a bad person," Leila says. "She’s ugly inside and I just don’t think she deserves to be in this competition."

1) The blowout: Obviously, the culmination of all of this drama had to be our top moment from last night's episode.

It all went down like this: Leila is complaining to another girl in the house how Laura and everyone else think she's obsessed with Laura. Which, again, she emphasizes, she's not. Laura storms in and asks her why she's talking about it behind-her-back. Leila then tells Laura that she's embarrassed by the lies she's spreading. Oh, and that Laura is obsessed with herself. Kristin chuckles. The two cry, especially Laura, because being told she's obsessed with herself brings back painful memories of being mocked for having famous parents in high school. In the middle of all this, Home School Girl aka Victoria takes a moment to stretch out her arm. 

No resolution was made, except that they both pretty much jab at each other for the rest of the episode. Especially when Leila sticks out her tongue behind Laura and Kristin's back. Mature.

Up next week: the girls act out a video game.
That should be interesting.

Did you watch last night's episode? Whose side are you on? Let us know in the comments!
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