NeNe Leakes Goes on 'The Price Is Right,' Has No Idea What a Birkin Bag Costs [VIDEO]

NeNe Leakes was a special guest on The Price Is Right's Celebrity Week, and...she kind of bombed. 

Host Drew Carey tried to make the price-guessing game easy for her, by picking items the Real Housewife was familiar with — you know, Birkin bags, Bentleys, and custom-made wigs — but she was way off. Probably because, as Leakes told Carey, she only looks at prices "sometimes." That's what happens when you're "VERY RICH," as her bedazzled shirt proclaims. 

NeNe was particularly shocked that the alligator Hermes Birkin on set sells for $82,500, and not the $25,000 she had guessed. "That's insane! I have a couple, but I don't have one for 87!" she said.

Okay, to be fair, that is insane. 

Check out the clip, below!

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