Obviously You Need This: Fashion Brand Luxury Water

Obviously You Need This: Fashion Brand Luxury Water
Is this the most fashionable bottled spring water around? If you go by its brand name, it is!

Say hello to Fashion brand "Luxury Spring Water"—bottled in Austria and priced at $7.25 per 50cl (that's about 17oz.)—which touts itself as the water "for models and billionaires." Here's why it's allegedly worth $7.25 a pop:
In a search for the Elixir of Fashion, Fashion Spring Water comes from an ancient source of the Austrian Alps.

The beautiful famous Austrian Empress Sissy, asked her husband, Emperor Franz Josef 1st to bring the water to the palaces in Vienna, allowing a selected few to drink it and dance to the latest Fashions of Mozart, Beethoven and Strauss.

Bottled directly for you from exclusive Spring Water source in Austrian Alps, with clearest and purest water, with optimal minerals and high PH values.
So, there you have it. It's water from a secret place in Austria that was once drunk by the Empress Sissy and her hubby, Franz, while they and their friends frolicked to the tunes of Mozart.

Would you ever spring for it? I mean, I'd probably pay $7.25 for a bottle of fashion water only if it were hand-bottled by Linda Evangelista at a secret spring in Paris' 16th arrondissement, then driven twice around Palais de Tokyo in a Smart Car before being blessed in a private ceremony by Karl Lagerfeld while John Galliano sang kumbaya.
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