The New Pope's Shoes, Modeled by Peeps

The New Pope's Shoes, Modeled by Peeps(Getty Images)

On this, Easter weekend — the holiest of weekends — Nowness has receieved a very important update from Vatican City, where speculation surrounding Pope Francis's footwear has reached a "fever pitch."

The new pope's shoes will be black, according to papal shoemaker Adriano Stefanelli. So classic, right? Goes with everything! Here is what Pope Francis would look like in black shoes, if Pope Francis was a peep.

The New Pope's Shoes, Modeled by Peeps(Danica Lo/StyleBistro)

He won't be debuting his new footwear just yet, though. "The pope has decided to wear resoled old shoes for the moment." said Stefanelli, who designed Pope Benedict's flashy (but not Prada) red loafers. But, the cobbler is "already working on a new pair, with which I would like to pay homage. I have great respect for him and it would be an honor for me to give him a gift."
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