Alessandra Ambrosio Is a Blogger Now, 'Man of Steel' Costume Designer Distracted by Henry Cavill's 'Perfection,' and More!

(Bauer Griffin)

Alessandra Ambrosio launched a fashion blog, aptly titled A by A. So far there's only one post — a Pinterest-y collage of tropical drinks, sunglasses, and Brazilian sunsets — but we're sure she'll be posing in front of graffiti'd up walls in Kenzo tiger sweatshirts and duck toe-ing her studded Chloe boots in no time. [A by A]

Man of Steel's costume designer, Michael Wilkinson, on dressing Henry Cavill for the film. "I think the toughest thing for my team was not to be distracted by Henry’s perfection–he really is an incredible specimen of humanity!" Somebody fetch this man a fainting couch. And some smelling salts.
And grab some for us too, while you're at it. Hummina hummina. [Fashionista]

Christian Louboutin designs his shoes for men. Kind of. “I never forget that shoes also have to please men. As a man, I totally understand looking at a girl and saying, ‘Darling, we’re having dinner together tonight, so do you mind to change?’ I understand that type of mentality from a man who loves his wife, his woman. He’s concerned about the way you look. It’s not an ugly thing. I understand also that a woman could not care. I like my design to please women, but also to please to men. I don’t like the kind of design that men are like, ‘Oh, God.’ I just don’t like that.” [WWD]

New collab alert: Topshop has launched its second collection with Reclaim To Wear, an eco-conscious label that focuses on "zero-waste" production. [Topshop]

Elettra Wiedemann and Pamela Love whip up vegan chili in the latest episode of Vogue’s online cooking series, Elettra’s Goodness. [Vogue]

Barney's creative ambassador, Simon Doonan, doesn't understand why American men are afraid of wearing Speedos. "My interest is not entirely sordid," he says. "My primary motivation is, in fact, safety. Dudes are getting waterlogged, and dudes are sinking." [Slate]
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