Daphne Guinness' Bathtime Drama

Daphne Guinness' Bathtime Drama
(Getty) Daphne Guinness late last year

Fashion plate Daphne Guinness has bathing issues—problems with her bathtub, that is. The eccentric British heiress was sued by her downstairs New York neighbors Karim and Tina Samii because she flooded their $12 million apartment on three different occasions—all because Guinness left her bath running.

According to a report in today's Page Six, the Samiis felt "terrorized" by Guinness—"and demanded a court order barring her from bathing again."

The courts have ordered Guinness to pay for the damages to the Sammiis' apartment, but she won't have to pay $1 million in "emotional distress" damages.

"All I have ever wanted is to make amends and make this right," Guinness told Page Six. "I've always been happy to pay for their damage, and have already been doing so. I would never intentionally flood their apartment. I by no means want to be a bad neighbor. I have totally waterproofed the place and now it is the safest apartment in New York."

Fun fact: the floor of Guinness' New York apartment bathroom is stainless steel.
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