Fancy Club Won't Let Slightly Less Fancy 'Vogue' Editor Join

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Sometimes, when you are a very fancy person, surrounded by very fancy things, you become numb to all that fanciness. "Unicorn tartare on gold leaf blinis for breakfast again? Ho hum." is something you might say, if you were fancy. And, when this happens, the only way to feel fancy once again is to exclude someone slightly less fancy from your fancypants club.

That's what went down in the Hamptons this week, when members of the Southampton Bathing Corp. were given a list of proposed new members — including Vogue contributing editor and co-founder of Moda Operandi Lauren Santo Domingo and her husband, billionaire heir Andres Santo Domingo.

As one Bathing Corp. member told the Post, “The Beach Club is the hardest club to get into in the Hamptons. It usually only takes the children of members. Publicity is avoided at all cost. This is a place that sent women home for wearing bikinis in the 1950s. It is not the place for a Vogue shoot." Did you read that in a Mr. Burns voice? It really helps.

Another one said, "I am shocked that it appears the club might accept the Santo Domingos. Lauren courts publicity and that is exactly what the club eschews...And it is not like they are Hamptons fixtures who are now applying for membership. They just bought this house for about $30 million in Southampton.”

If you're going to ban Lauren Santo Domingo from you club, at least have a good reason, besides "Her house is too new!" Like this:
Her (tone deaf) reappropriation of the It Gets Better Campaign, accompanied by this photo:

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