You'll NEVER Guess What Most Cohabitating Couples Wear to Bed


What do you and your live-in manfriend or ladyfriend wear to bed? Nothing? A tee from that 5k you ran three years ago and some boxer shorts of mysterious origins? A cami and underwear? A lace-trimmed silk slip? (Who are you?)

A unicorn onesie?

No, you probably don't. Because if you are like most people in relationships, you wear...

Flannel pajamas!

Would you look at that domestic bliss?

Allure reports that recently polled 2,129 cohabiting men and women to find that an overwhelming 62 percent wear pajamas to bed (only 11 percent sleep in the nude, and 27 percent choose underwear). And, of the pajama enthusiasts, 43 percent of women prefer flannel pajamas.

Zooey Deschanel is like "Pshh, yeah. Told you so."

We had no idea they were so popular! They're kind of hot to sleep in, no?

Tell us, do you wear flannel pajamas?

Poll: Do you sleep in flannel pajamas?
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  • Of course! Nothing is more comfortable!
  • Ew, no! Next you're going to ask me if I wear socks to bed.
  • Only if it's really cold.
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