Documentarian Says Anna Wintour Is "Fuzzy" and Furby-Like

(Toys R Us/Getty Images)

If you've ever seen The September Issue or The Devil Wears Prada, or experienced the hush in the Conde Nast elevator when Anna Wintour steps inside, you know that the Vogue EIC still strikes a bit of fear into the hearts of her coworkers. 

But, according to documentarian Fenton Bailey, who recently wrapped filming Wintour for HBO's upcoming special, In Vogue: The Editor's Eye (airing Thursday, December 6th at 9PM), that icy, "Nuclear Wintour" reputation is totally unwarranted. 

"The person we met was really unrelated to the popular myth," Bailey told The New York Daily News. "We experienced someone accessible, smart, and fuzzy." 

Fuzzy. Not the first word that comes to mind when we think of Anna Wintour, but, okay, she does wear a lot of fur. 


He continued, "I kept waiting for the ice princess, but instead we got a Furby." 

(Toys R Us/Getty Images) 

A Furby! Do you think Anna Wintour knows what a Furby is? And if Bailey was trying to portray Wintour as warm and cuddly, he picked the wrong toy. As this clip demonstrates, Furbies can be totally evil. 

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