Joseph Gordon-Levitt's Production Company Teams Up With Levi's

(courtesy of Levi's)

Besides his absolutely gorgeous body/face/presence (um, remember this video from a few weeks back?) and his major acting skills, Joseph Gordon-Levitt has another talent: he runs his own production company, hitRECord.

hitRECord isn't just your normal production company—the company produces movies, music, writing, and graphic art through collaboration among its online community—which has more than 100,000 members.

Levi's has partnered with JGL's company to help spread its work—the all-American denim and fashion company is going to distribute three of hitRECord's short films, help with hitRECord's six city mini-tour this fall, and showcase one of hitRECord's original pieces of art on

Plus, the denim label hosted an event to celebrate the partnership this past weekend at Levi’s Haus in Los Angeles. Check out these pictures from the gathering, below:

Joseph Gordon-Levitt looking like a boss:

Look at those adorable raised eyebrows:

Want to see more? Here's a recent video of Joseph Gordon-Levitt talking about his two-year-old company:

You can learn even more about hitRECord here, and don't forget to keep an eye out on for the short films and original art!

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