The Top-10 Moments From 'America's Next Top Model' Cycle 19, Episode 6: Steampunk and Owls

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This week, the model contestants worked on a video game set, dressed up in Steampunk, and had to pose with a temperamental Owl named Groovy.

While there was a little bit of spillover from last week's Leila-Kristin-Laura feud, most of this week's screen time was taken up by Brittany's insecurities and determination to hold onto her Disney self (yes, she's obsessed with Disney).

And Yvonne was all about the bad attitude and hardcore kvetching this week as well—all of which culminated in a nail-biting blowout moment between her and judge BryanBoy on set at the end!

Read on for our top ten moment from America's Next Top Model Cycle 19 Episode 6, "The Girl Who Gets P'wnd"

10) P'Trique makes another cameo: P'Trique delivered this week's Tyra mail, which alluded to the Wild Wild West. Naturally the girls assumed they'd be posing in Western getup—especially because P'Trique delivered the news while making gun signs with his-her hands.

9) The photographer, Mike Ruiz, hints at a "temperamental guest": By "hinted," we mean he coughed: "Whooooooo." How did the models not get it was an owl? Did they think Ruiz had some weird who cough tic?

8) Video game moves: For the challenge, the girls had to dress up in video game suits and act out scenes from a video game that included jumping and tumbling. The best part of the challenge was when the girls got creative and had to create their very own taunt move. A taunt move is that moment in a video game when the action ends and the character busts out in a victory dance. Most girls created taunt moves that looked a lot like the Carlton dance from Fresh Prince of Bel Air.

7) Chrissy Teigen's video game cameo: Another exciting part of the video game challenge was watching special guest (and one of our personal favorite social media gurus), Chrissy Teigen, react to all of the action. She even took the group aside after the challenge to give them some insight on social media.

6) Yvonne complaining, part one: You know there are going to be some major sour grapes this episode when it opens with Yvonne complaining on the phone. One of her major beefs? "We're just like products, we're not like people, you know what I mean?"

And then she complains about spending all day in hair and makeup, and waiting around a lot. Poor girl...

5) Steampunk photoshoot: Ok, we don't know what's up with steampunk lately, but last week it was featured on Bling it On and this week it's the photoshoot challenge. For those of you who don't know what it is: Steampunk a fashion movement that mixes Victorian style with modern mechanics. For example, you could be wearing a corset, but with watch parts and monocles pasted onto it.

Is there some major publicity push for steampunk happening that we don't know about?

4) Groovy the owl: Groovy the owl seemed like one groovy girl. She was probably the biggest diva on set: the girls couldn't speak too loudly around her, move a lot, or hold her near their faces. The best part? Groovy pooped when she was on Mean Girl Kristin's arm. Karma is awesome.

3) Disney Girl Brittany talking about Disney—again: We know Brittany is sad from being in the bottom two last week, and Tyra keeps rehashing the importance of her Disney personality, but does she really need to mention it in every other sentence?

Disney Girl went so far as to talk to BryanBoy about panel last week. She was quite upset that he shook his head when she was in the bottom two last week, but she makes sure she'll perservere. She says to him, like she's said many times before, "Now, it's ok to be the Disney me, but still incorporate the other sides of Disney." We're not sure exactly what that means, but okay!

2) Home School Girl Victoria's steampunk backstory: We know Home School Girl Victoria can be kooky the majority of the time, but this backstory she concocted for her steampunk photoshoot is too good to be true. We'll stop talking now and let you read it, word-for-word, for yourself:

"My boyfriend was the head of a travelling animal circus, and I’m upset by some of the ways the animals are being treated. But he’s very cruel to the animals. I’m also an animal rights activist. And he ends up cheating on me so I kill him. And I set all of the animals free. And then Groovy and I are just standing there having our moment."

1) The Yvonne and BryanBoy blowout (spoiler alert!): It's no secret—you mess with a judge, you'll most likely get sent home. Yvonne, who had been complaing all episode long, showed everyone how bad her attitude was when she stuck out her tongue on set. The reason? She had to wait for a costume change.

So let's just get this straight, Yvonne: you're complaining because you get to wear pretty clothes and have your hair and makeup done all day?

She then proceeds to yell at BryanBoy, who simply asked her what was up with that rude face she made on set. He's right, this is a tough industry, and if she wants to make it she'll have to be professional. Instead of listening to his advice, she goes off on him. She does apologize later, though.

Spoiler alert: as we said, Yvonne was sent home. But she'll be trying to make her way back just like the rest of the girls!

Did you watch last night's episode? What do you think of Yvonne's attitude? Let us know in the comments!