You Can Buy Miley Cyrus's Twerk Onesie Now, Alexander Wang Designs Bottle Openers, and More!

(Miley Cyrus Twitter/Topshop)

Miley Cyrus's famous unicorn onesie is now available at Topshop, for all your twerking needs. [Topshop]

Have you really never considered the aesthetics of your bottle opener? For shame. You should crack open those Bud Light Limes with nothing less than Alexander Wang's sleek gold design. [Hype Beast]

(Alexander Wang)

After taking a year-long hiatus, Commes des Garcons' epic archival sale is back this Friday. So, New York City-area readers, plan accordingly. [InStyle]

Suzy Menkes, on John Galliano: “I would never say that I love Hitler, in any shape or form, ever. But that is not to say that someone with such brilliant talent shouldn’t be given a second chance.” []

Speaking of Galliano, the petition for him to teach at Parsons only has 200 signatures. []

The one thing Kristen Stewart refuses to wear? A peplum, according to her stylist. Right there with you, girl. [HuffPo Style]
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