Aziz Ansari's 'Kevin Dior' Tux Inspires Fake Twitter, David Cameron Would Like to Wear a Onesie, and More!

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It wouldn't be an awards show without a fake Twitter account! Right after Aziz Ansari joked on the Golden Globes red carpet that he was wearing “Kevin Dior,” Christian Dior’s cousin who works at Home Depot, “@kevinHomeDepot” popped up. [Fashionista]

After learing that his deputy, Nick Klegg, owns a onesie, David Cameron said, "'My children have onesies and I often say to them that I'm very jealous that they didn't see fit to get me one." [The Independent]

Art critic Jerry Saltz sounds off on Kate Middleton's official portrait. Verdict: "At best, the painting looks like a Breck Girl ad, a portrait of the dean of a fancy girls' boarding school, or some corporate-trading-firm officer." Ouch. [NY Mag]

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Levi's and Liberty of London teamed up on a collection, and — spoiler alert! — it's full of denim with Liberty-print patches. [Nylon]

BEHOLD: The Telegraph has a sneak peek at Ossie Clark's soon-to-be-relaunched label, Ossie Clark London. [Telegraph]

Did you know there's a DayGlo factory? It looks like a raver's paradise. [The Hairpin]

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In celebration of Diet Coke's 30th birthday, The Guardian tracked how the fizzy drink became fashion's beverage of choice. [The Guardian]

Julianne Hough danced so much last night that she ripped her dress in two places. She's hardcore, you guys. [HuffPo Style]
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