#FF - 5 Fashion Photographers with Amazing Instagrams

(Photo by The Sartorialist)

Fact: If there's anyone out there in the whole wide world who can make a dinky iPhone photo amazing—it's a fashion photographer.

These fashion snappers are so good, so swift, and have such an eye for extravagance, they honestly don't even need Lo-fi, Nashville, or X-pro II to make their Instagrams look incredible. Check out this week's #FollowFriday nominees, below. Their images are so powerful, we'll just let the photos speak for themselves.






Shameless self-plug: My friend Ashli and I ran into Friedman and Derek Blasberg (plus a whole gaggle of male models!) at a sports bar (Go Cardinals!) in NYC—and, of course, he Instagrammed it! Naturally, he's now a must-follow.

Who are some of your absolute fave fashion photogs? Any you follow on Instagram? Sound off in the comments below!