Diane von Furstenberg Has Been on a Bathroom Selfie Kick


Diane von Furstenberg has done the impossible — she's made selfies look glamorous.

This week, she Instagrammed two photos of herself primping in her cavernous bathroom, and we learned some interesting facts about the designer. Like...

She has a bathtub the size of a small pool!


She keeps it stocked with a Sephora's worth of soaps and shower gels. Oh, and it's outfitted with a flatscreen TV. How MTV Cribs of her.

Also of note...

She works in the bathroom!


Although, maybe that's not so unusual when your bathroom has its own couch.

We hope DVF continues on her selfie kick. Okay, so she's making that faux-surprised "Oh! I didn't see myself taking a picture of myself!" face all too common in Facebook profile photos, but hey, at least she's not doing duck lips.
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