John Galliano Has a New Job and a New Look

John Galliano Has a New Job and a New Look(Getty Images)

As you may have heard yesterday — We meant to report it, but we were really busy!John Galliano is teaching a course at Parsons.

The four-day master class, titled "Show Me Your Emotion," will consist of just three days in the design studio with the former Dior designer — he still has his Oscar de la Renta gig, remember — followed by a critique and Q&A session with Galliano and Simon Collins, Dean of the School of Fashion.

In an email to Parsons students, the school stated that the course would focus on "provoking the power of emotion in context of fashion practice and exploration of intuitive, perceptive manners of investigational making." And, in keeping with that theme, it looks like Galliano is provoking emotions with his latest outfits. Namely, confusion.

John Galliano Has a New Job and a New Look(The Telegraph)

Plastic sunglasses worn over a beanie, socks with sandals, a cardigan, a parka-cape hybrid, camo shorts, some sort of sports jersey, and a striped scarf. So, like, if Kurt Cobain went shopping at Free People.

Maybe, in preparation for his new teaching job, this new, laid-back, semi-grungy look is his bid to be known as "John Galliano: Cool Professor Who Will Totally Give You an A," rather than "John Galliano: Scary Unpredictable Dude Prone to Anti-Semitic Rants."

But he's going about it all wrong! Everyone knows the key to being a "cool professor" is to drag your chair out from behind your desk, bring it to the front of the classroom, turn it around, and sit in it backwards.
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