Brunello Cucinelli is Worth a Billion Dollars, According to 'Bloomberg'

Brunello Cucinelli is Worth a Billion Dollars, According to 'Bloomberg'
(Getty Images; Brunello Cucinelli)

Here's my sometimes-secret thought that I'm going to share with you today: Once in a while, maybe every three months, I'll wander into the Brunello Cucinelli store in the West Village and touch everything. Then I'll say to myself that one day, if I become super-crazy rich and can afford to plunk down $2,000 for basic cashmere pullovers—the softest, most luxurious basic cashmere pullovers I've ever laid eyes or hands on—I'll only ever wear Brunello Cucinelli forever.

Today, the Business of Fashion features an interview with the fashion house's founder—Brunello Cucinelli himself. According to the latest Bloomberg Billionaires Index, Cucinelli has a net worth of "at least $1 billion." Before now, he had "never appeared on an international wealth ranking." Here are two of our favorite tidbits from the interview.

On the company's heritage: "I am thankful, but in all honesty, my life has remained the same as when I was working alongside my father, farming in the countryside. The most important thing is that we managed to achieve this success while respecting our workers, the people of Solomeo and the environment."

On the company's ethics: "Throughout the company's 35 years, I have invested everything in human dignity, always believing that working in the best conditions makes people more creative, ingenious, and responsible."
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