The Warby Parker Kids Eat a Lot of Salads (and Apples) + More Fun Facts

It's no secret 'round these parts that we're a huge fan of Warby Parker—the prescription and sunglasses company that not only offers luxury frames at a fraction of the cost, but also legit helps out people in need by giving a pair of prescription glasses for every pair purchased. The company just released its 2012 end-of-year report—a quirky roundup of what they've accomplished in their second year on the ground and some other fun facts... presented in super-cool chart format. Like this, above.

FUN FACT: Yes, in the year 2012, Warby Parker employees consumed 1,344 apples and ate mostly salad for lunch.

We love fun facts! Read on for more.

FUN FACT: Nobody at Warby Parker rides a Segway to work. Most take public transportation, 36 percent walk, 3 percent cab, and 3 percent bike.

FUN FACT: 27 Warby Parker employees have no body issues whatsoever. We applaud you! Excuse me while I go to the gym and whine about my butt.
Remember when Warby parker launched Warby Barker, the dog eyewear company, on April Fools' Day? That was fun. Also: someone in the office is a really major Hanson fan.

FUN FACT: In Wyoming, they like the "Roosevelt" frames best.

OTHER FUN FACT: It took five editors here at StyleBistro HQ to figure out what the white state was:

FUN DO-GOOD FACT: Warby Parker is a certified B-Corporation, which means they're commited to doing good in the community and in the world. So it's no surprise that WP pitched in to help out in New York after Hurricane Sandy.
And guess how many pairs of glasses Warby Parker distributed to the needy this year? 250,000.

Congrats Warby Parker on a great 2012! We've been fans since Day One and we'll be fans forever.
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