Tourists Crash David Beckham's H&M Underwear Shoot in Beverly Hills

(Photo by Getty)

David Beckham (
We see London, we see France, we see David Beckham's underpants. Okay, we (sadly) didn't, but a bus-load of camera-happy tourists sure did!

According to a report in the Telegraph, a group of sightseers got, um, quite a sight when their tour bus accidentally cruised right onto the set of the sexy soccer star's latest skivvies photo shoot for H&M.

Jealous much?

The Top Tours group was perusing Beverly Hills to catch glimpses of A-Listers' homes and such, when lo and behold—there was a very-bashful Becks, wearing nothing but a pair of khaki briefs and, of course, a bod full of tats.

Like any professional undies model, Beckham kept his composure by giving a big, red-faced giggle and turning around to cover his, uh, goods. 

Check out some of the tourists' paparazzi-style snaps here.

Tell us, what would you do if you happened to stumble onto a David Beckham underwear shoot? Would you die? Would you Instagram it? Would you beg him to leave VB and marry you instead? (Would it be wrong to do all three?)

Share your hypothetical reaction—and your real one to this beyond-incredible news—in the comments below!