Aspiring Merman Makes Custom Tails


Hobbies! Most of us have at least one, right? Some people like to knit, some people like to play tennis, and some people — like My Crazy Obsession subject Eric Ducharme, aka the Mertailor — like to craft giant, super-intricate tails, wiggle into them, and swim around Florida's natural springs like it's NBD.


"I do eat, breathe, and sleep mermaids. It's a lifestyle," Ducharme says. A lifestyle that he takes very seriously, judging by the ease with which he moves through the water in his costumes. Dude is graceful — no small feat when your legs are bound together with latex. And he can hold his breath for four minutes!

He's also lucky enough to have a supportive partner, who, when some bro-y fishermen make fun of the aspiring merman, tells Ducharme, "Haters gonna hate."

See Eric Ducharme in action, below.

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