Aspiring Merman Makes Custom Tails

Aspiring Merman Makes Custom Tails (TLC)

Hobbies! Most of us have at least one, right? Some people like to knit, some people like to play tennis, and some people — like My Crazy Obsession subject Eric Ducharme, aka the Mertailor — like to craft giant, super-intricate tails, wiggle into them, and swim around Florida's natural springs like it's NBD.

Aspiring Merman Makes Custom Tails (TLC)

"I do eat, breathe, and sleep mermaids. It's a lifestyle," Ducharme says. A lifestyle that he takes very seriously, judging by the ease with which he moves through the water in his costumes. Dude is graceful — no small feat when your legs are bound together with latex. And he can hold his breath for four minutes!

He's also lucky enough to have a supportive partner, who, when some bro-y fishermen make fun of the aspiring merman, tells Ducharme, "Haters gonna hate."

See Eric Ducharme in action, below.

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