This Is What Jeffrey Campbell Bridal Shoes Look Like

(Ashbury Skies)

Tumblr-happy brides-to-be, take note! Jeffrey Campbell just made over a few of their personal style blogger hits in wedding-day fabrics for their new bridal collection, Cold Feet.

White lace Litas! To "experience the elegance of a bohemian goddess."

They also come in laser-cut silver. "Channel your inner modern indie bride," the copy says, because "Your wedding is a true reflection of you."

For the bride who pauses halfway down the aisle, snaps a photo of her shoes, applies a vintage-y Instagram filter, and continues on her way, J.C.'s Damsel wedges.

Jeffrey Campbell is clearly going after girls whose closets are full of pieces from companies like Nasty Gal — one of the brand's champions — Free People, and Urban Outfitters. Which seems like a risky strategy, because that demographic is pretty young, and women in the U.S. are waiting until 26.5, on average, to tie the knot — the highest the age of first marriage has ever been.

So, do you think there's a market for wedding-day Litas? I'm guessing that Jeffrey Campbell fans will treat these like lighter, spring versions of their favorite J.C. styles — to be worn with their mullet-hem cut-out dresses and neon crop tops. But I could be wrong!
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