Guess Who's Buying all Those Reindeer and Snowflake Sweaters?

Guess Who's Buying all Those Reindeer and Snowflake Sweaters?
ASOS has sold "thousands" of reindeer and snowflake motif sweaters this season.

"I'll be rocking my Christmas jumper."

That's not a quote from a hipster or college kid or anyone you know planning to attend an  Saturday night ugly sweater party this season—it's a statement made by James Cassidy, a digital banking employee at Lloyds Banking Group, one of the biggest banks in the UK.

Yes folks, the ironic Christmas sweater trend/joke/phenomenon has trickled its way up—from the 1980s to the Internet to mainstream parties... and now, to bankers. According to a report in Bloomberg, banking firms, such as Lloyds, will be "tapping into 'the current trend'" by throwing their own corporate ugly-sweater parties this season.

In fact, it seems that retro-themed holiday knitwear is a burgeoning gold mine for retailers.

"It's a big trend," Nick Robertson, CEO of ASOS told Bloomberg. "It's slightly tongue-in-cheek, but they are doing really well." According to Robertson, the UK online retailer sold "thousands" of its holiday sweaters in the first two weeks they were available this year.

Meanwhile, at UK department store Debenhams, sale of Christmas-theme jumpers have risen 1,420 percent over last year.

What gives? "Now knitwear is more a trendy fashion statement for men," said Charlotte Casey, who edits knitwear for trend forecaster WGSN. "They are much less ashamed about wearing statement jumpers."

Have you noticed the men in your life wearing silly sweaters this season? Tell us in the comments, below!
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