Kate Upton's Victoria's Secret Photos Not So New, Prabal Gurung to Design Flight Attendant Uniforms, and More!

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Remember how yesterday we reported that Victoria's Secret put a photo of Kate Upton on the back of their latest catalogue? It was kind of a head-scratcher, considering the fact that the company's casting director, Sophia Neophitou, called Upton's look "too obvious" just last year. Well, it turns out the VS photos were from a shoot the model did circa 2011 (so, pre-Neophitou-gate). According to a Page Six source, “Kate’s not currently contracted to work with Victoria’s Secret, and they didn’t contact her before they used these images," and she's "furious." [Page Six]

Prabal Gurung is about to join the mile-high club! The designer just inked a deal to outfit 10,000 of Japan’s All Nippon Airways’ cabin attendants and ground crew. “The new uniform will pay homage to the history of the airline while incorporating a fresh and modern perspective," Gurung said. [WWD]

Models Edie Campbell and Lily McMenamy look like they're about to eat your soul in Marc Jacobs's new fall ads. In a good way, though. [The Fashion Spot]

Pamela Love has been experimenting with 3-D printers lately, and this slideshow, which follows her creative process — from digital mock-ups on a computer screen to actual, wearable jewelry — is totally fascinating. [Vogue]

Dita Von Teese poses with vintage cars and models retro-inspired gowns in Lifestyle Mirror's latest editorial. "I don’t have a persona I put on,” the burlesque star says. “People responded to me well and enjoyed watching me perform when I was being myself, and not trying to be sexy or trying to be somebody that I wasn’t...When I’m 90 years old, I will be wearing this red lipstick...I’m not trying to please anyone else.” [Lifestyle Mirror]

(Lifestyle Mirror)

Lula editor in chief Leith Clark teamed up with Wren on a capsule collection of sweet, '60s-inspired dresses. [Fashionista]

Journalists sure seem to like calling out powerful women for wearing expensive shoes, implying that it is atypical for women to wear heels and also have a mind for business. [Slate]
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