Roberto Cavalli: 'If There Is One Person I Should Thank for My Career, it is God, the Creator of the Animal Print.'

(Getty Images) Roberto Cavalli is awesome

Roberto Cavalli, one of our favorite fashion people ever—I mean, the man is not just a mega-brand unto himself, he's also hilarious, honest, and outspoken, three qualities we value highly, especially in this industry—sat down with the Guardian to participate in the paper's "This Much I Know" series. Here are our four favorite highlights of Cavalli's truths:
Fashion is changing for the worse. Today, it is industrial, it is quantity, it is a collection of 1,000 pieces. Sometimes I think: "In 2050, at Central Saint Martins, what will they teach about us?" The only really talented people of our generation were Alexander McQueen and Gianni Versace.

Age does not bother me. Sometimes I say to people, "Oh, I am old!" but I am just fishing for compliments.

If there is one person I should thank for my career, it is God, the creator of the animal print. He really was the most fantastic designer because, wow, the women love it.

The problem with me is that my life is a little fake. I don't know if some people are my true friends, or if they just like the idea of Roberto Cavalli. My real friends are the ones I have had for 50 years, because sometimes I think there are a lot of fake smiles around me. And fake smiles are contagious. They are dangerous, really.
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