The Least Punk Things That Happened at the Met's Punk-Themed Gala

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Is punk dead? Well, if radical anarchist real-estate-heiress-turned-handbag-designer Ivanka Trump's clip-in blue hair streaks have any say in the matter, then, yes. Yes it is.

Let's all take a look through some of the least punk moments from last night's Met Ball. With a few truly "punk" (or, you know, fashion punk) ones thrown in, too.

The Met Ball's Least Punk Moments

1. Vogue's Hired Punks

Some punk performers politely stormed the Met Ball's red carpet in an orderly manner last night, wearing Vogue-branded t-shirts.

2. Train Minions

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Women who chose to wear longer dresses, like Beyonce, opted to have servants follow them around, fluffing their trains. Although, if there's one thing that would make me ponder revolt, it would be chasing after celebrities and gently rearranging their gowns after each step they took. So maybe train minions are kind of punk, deep down.

3. Ashley Olsen Dressed Up Like a Werther's Original

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The least punk candy.

4. Tom Brady's Jacket

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Not even Gisele could distract from its cornflower blue prom-ness.

5. Anna Wintour's Punk Florals

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"But it's so subversive," you might say. No. Anna Wintour is totally capable of getting into the Met Ball's themes, as evidenced by this look from 2008's superhero gala.

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And Now, Some Actually "Punk" Things That Happened

1. Zooey Deschanel Wore Seersucker

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Wearing seersucker to a punk-themed ball is the most punk thing ever, I've decided.

2. Grace Coddington Wore the Same Thing She Always Wears

True punks DGAF.

3. Kim Kardashian Wore a Gown with Gloves Attached

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Not washing your hands after you use the bathroom = punk as fuck.
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