Vogue's Hurricane Sandy Shoot: Let's Discuss

(Courtesy of Vogue)

Vogue acknowledged Hurricane Sandy's first responders in the Vogue-iest way possible — by photographing them next to willowy models dressed in "the best of the New York collections" — dubbed "New York's other finest" by the magazine.

Ha! Vogue jokes! 

(Courtesy of Vogue) 

So far the response to the photos, which were shot by Annie Leibovitz, has been mixed. The spread has nearly 3,500 "likes" on Facebook, but, if you look closely, you'll see lots of comments like this. 

And this. 

The intention was to honor the National Guardsmen, firefighters, Con Ed employees, doctors, and nurses on the hurricane's front lines, but it can be argued that Leibovitz used Sandy's heroes as props for the models. 

(Courtesy of Vogue) 

And the copywriters must have experienced some cognitive dissonance when coming up with captions like, "The FDNY’s Far Rockaway house had to first outrun the waves pummeling its own neighborhood, then set about rescuing others. “We jumped into the back of a high-water vehicle,” says paramedic Jason Verspoor, “and were able to evacuate about 30 or 40 people before we had to evacuate ourselves to higher ground—we spent the night on a bridge, then went back in with the National Guard to work on patients.” On Iman: Narciso Rodriguez camisole and pencil skirt." 

Tell us, how does Vogue's Hurricane Sandy shoot make you feel? 
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