Cute Cats, the Paula Deen Buffet, a Sparkly Man on a Swing, and a Major Runway Show—My Weekend at the Savannah College of Art and Design

(Courtesy SCAD) Michelle Leal's ballgown on the runway at the SCAD fashion show

Every year, around this time, I head down to Savannah for the weekend to see the Savannah College of Art and Design's BA fashion show. This weekend was my fourth year in a row—and every time, the quality of the work and the amazing production just get better and better. That said, one of my favorite things about heading down to Georgia is the city of Savannah itself—as beautiful and quaint as you could imagine. Check out my travel photo diary from the weekend—there's a special surprise at the end!

LGA > SAV—Me and Mr. Mickey landed at the Savannah Hilton Head International airport around 3 p.m. and hopped the SCAD bus to the Andaz hotel (it used to be called the Avia). Our first stop? You'll never guess...

Every year, me and Mr. Mickey make sure to hit up Paula Deen's iconic southern restaurant, The Lady & Sons. Every year, I get buffet. In case you were wondering what happens at a Paula Deen buffet, this is what happens at a Paula Deen buffet: fried chicken, candied yams, ribs, green beans, and collards.

(Photos Danica Lo / StyleBistro)

Mr. Mickey also got buffet, but our dining companions got fried green tomatoes and this impressive lattice-work-puff-pastry-topped chicken pot pie (which we all took photos of):

We almost didn't get a table—the hotel concierge told us that there weren't any availabilities until 8:45 p.m.—but we decided to stop by the host and take our chances anyway. Here's a hint: even if you can't get a reservation over the phone, it doesn't hurt to try in person! We got seated right away. Granted, it was 5:30 p.m.... but it was a Friday!

Later that night, our group drove down to the Bonna Bella Yacht Club—one of my personal favorite places in Savannah. It's right on the water, a gorgeous place to watch the sunset and hang out over drinks and dinner. They have lots of garden games, too—not, like croquet, or anything, but something called cornholing (aka throwing a beanbag into a wooden box with a cutout) and another game that involves tossing a ring attached to a string so it lands on a hook. I don't know what that one's called.

On Saturday morning, we took our annual tour of the fashion school at SCAD. This year, they had some of the toiles on display—some of these toiles were translated into final garments and walked in the show, some of them weren't.

Here's a pattern in one of the cutting rooms:

Some drawings in the drawing rooms:

A mannequin and some finished garments in a studio:

After the tour, me, DuJour's Keith Pollock, InStyle's Cindy Weber-Cleary, Mr. Mickey, and Teen Vogue's Andrew Bevan sat down to talk with some students. Look at all these well-dressed and eager young faces!

In the afternoon, we attended the discussion featuring this year's Andre Leon Talley Lifetime Achievement Award honoree Francisco Costa and veteran fashion journalist Constance White.

And we stopped by the college library to check out some of the student work in the static exhibition. We'd seen toiles of these dresses earlier in the day:

Only a few accessory design students were selected to participate in the show, so it was nice to see some of their shoes and handbags in the static:

Love this:

Of course, when I saw this cat dress, I knew I had to post it to Catbistro!

Even better? On the back, there's a CAT BUTT:

Late on Saturday night—after me and Mickey snuck off to eat cream cheese and olive (me) and peanut butter and jelly (him) sandwiches—we went to the SCAD BA fashion show. Here are some of my favorite looks.

I love this oversized enormous bathrobe-texture coat with a giant buckle. Bryanboy and I discussed this afterwards and decided this was THE look of the show:

I also liked this students' textural combinations:

And a face-covering turtleneck never hurt anyone in a student show:

One of the coolest things about the SCAD show is that immediately after the show, the students line up with one of the looks from their collection outside—and the school hosts a street party (this year, with light-up cotton candy!). This way, you get to see the clothes and speak with the students, up close. Here's Dean of Fashion Michael Fink talking with some of the students:

This is what the lineup looks like down the street:

Loved this quirky bright look!

This year's finale was glow-in-the-dark—not quite obvious from this photo:

The end.... almost.

Surprise! At the afterparty at Cha Bella, I made a Vine of Mr. Mickey on a swing.

Okay, now, really, The End.
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